Private Equity and Debt Capital For Middle Market Companies  

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Main Market Partners is led by Clifford Croley and Michael Martell, both also partners in a highly effective boutique middle market operational management and change management firm called Croley, Martell & Associates, Ltd. Our partners have acquired, managed, recapitalized, and grown numerous middle-market companies. We make sure our dealings are based on principles of high integrity and effective outcomes. We work hard to protect and enhance our partner's invested capital. Click on the links below to find out more about our partners.

Clifford W.Croley

Michael W. Martell


Main Market Partners is a value-added investor in middle-size, private business opportunities. Our focus is working with companies challenged by significant change. These changes can be caused by growth, performance, market issues, or owner succession needs.

We invest our partner's time, the firm's capital, and we access additional private equity funds and capital sources in support of specific value investment plans. Our typical single situation equity investment ranges from as low as $1 million up to $20 million.

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